Sustainable Living Solutions (SLS)

Sustainable Living Solutions ( SLS ) was registered in 2017 as a Non profit organization limited by trustees, and is faith based organization it has 7 trustees with various expertise and experiences . It was founded by owen C. K. Kandulu in 2011 . It was founded to address challenges that communities are facing in the day to day life , considering that solutions to the challenges are simple and available locally , some of the challenges are man made and can be reversed ie deforestation , land degradation, environmental pollution , malnutrition , gaps, hunger , poverty in farming knowledge and spiritual poverty .

Our Vision

To redeem and transform those that are in bondage of hunger , poverty , mindset prison and to eradicate gospel poverty.

Our Mission

To equip and inspire people through mindset change and introducing skills through trainings , internships , infusing gospel in permaculture , Organic farming , natural healthy living , eating and wealth creation skills by using Bible as reference and drawing solutions from it.

Our Values

  • Farming and living in a Biblical way .
  • Becoming a commander from keeping Creators commandments.
  • Embracing Wealth creation as a gift from God


We believe in knowledge sharing and acquisition of new skills we have running programs allowing all sectors of people to come and learn , share their experiences. This is on paying programs to make the centre sustainable or volunteering programs / internership that allows those with no money to enjoy learning by devoting their energy in exchange of knowledge , food and accommodation.

Our Ambitions

Its a ambition is to build International Training Centre with a well developed demonstration gardens and an eco - tourist centre .